I’ve been looking forward to this summer for practically this entire school year. I’d fantasize about heading to the beach once it’s summer, finally hanging out with my friends once it’s summer and doing a ton of fun things once it’s summer. But now that it’s summer I can’t wait for it to be over. I don’t know what to do. I’m spending way too much time by myself- to the point that I’ve actually started to loathe being alone because I inevitably begin having conversations with myself and pretending I’m in situations I’m not just to make my life seem more… Lively. It’s sad. And slightly pathetic. I’ve watched way too many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to even be considered sane anymore. By the way- if you watch Grey’s: Do you think Meredith and McDreamy will finally last this time? I mean they’ve broken up a crap ton and continue to lust after each other, only for one of them to mess the situation up each time and reset the cycle. Come on guys. Just get together all ready and stop stealing the show from the rest of the characters. Jesus. Anyway, I digress- this is what my life has come to. First World Problems, am I right? We always want what we can’t have. It sucks. But I have a total of about 11 weeks left of summer and I plan to make the most of it. Whether it’s finally finishing all 12 seasons of Greys (I both love and hate that idea because it would totally reveal my lack of social life), becoming comfortable with alone time in which I finish Greys or do some other unproductive activity, or maybe- just maybe- actually doing something with my life. Hm. We’ll see. –Anya