If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 14 years of life it is this- nothing is as simple as it first seems. In fact, nothing is simple at all. I used to look at people I met- on the road, at parties, in restaurants- and believe that my first impressions of them HAD to be right. There was absolutely no way their personality was more complex than I believed. No one had substance. No one had depth. Everyone was simple. Obviously I was wrong. Upon further consideration- and many years of growth (both physically and mentally)- I have come to the long awaited realization that complicated personalities and story lines are an inevitable part of life.

About 2 months ago I wrote a 3 page research paper on the forgotten victims of the Holocaust. I highlighted the fact that although a large percentage of those persecuted were Jewish, a large population were not. There were political dissenters, communists, twins, homosexuals, the mentally challenged, Roma/Sinti Gypsies and dozens of other groups whom Hitler deemed unworthy of existing in his society. I’m not trying to say that these other groups received no mention in the after effects of the Holocaust or that they were blatantly cut out from the fabric of history- they were not. However, it is fair to state that they receive much less recognition than the Jewish population. I believe this is due to the eternal battle of over simplification. We want to make people, events, entire time periods easy to understand, effortless to digest. We are a society that takes tragic events that can’t possibly be encapsulated into a singular time line and do just that. And in turn we forget other important things- like how they sodomized homosexuals in prison and how the Roma and Sinti gypsies were shunned and forced to relocate. In our attempt to see things as simple we shave away the layers- the vital layers that cannot afford to be ignored.

So in retrospect I was one of the MANY people who suffer from over simplification syndrome (yes I made that up, however I totally dig the name.) But now I have improved my perception and I know that things are invariably complicated. And unfortunately I will hereby be forced to dig through the layers in search of the hidden truths in everything we do routinely. {insert a slow groan at the amount of effort that will take.}

This prompt was given by the daily post. gracias