About 2 weeks ago I was stalking all the posts on a very inspirational and lovely blogger’s account entitled 16til26 (which you should definitely check out because it has definitely given me more perspective on a lot of things.) I stumbled across one particular post that I connected with deeply, emotionally and personally- all at the same time. It’s called “Living in a Feeling” and the following post is completely inspired by it. Thank you Izzy Angus 🙂

When I roll out of bed in the morning- hair squashed into something resembling a planetary nebula or a mass production of Ramen noodles, my eyes being incapable of opening enough to even check the time on my phone, and my center of gravity thrown so off balance I’ve likely fallen and face planted at least 3 times since ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem fractured my very entertaining dream; my only wish for the day is to maintain a positive mind space and essentially live in a feeling of happiness. 

As I gaze out the window and zone out to the droning voices and blurry faces- I don’t neccesarily dream for a particular moment, or even a situation- but rather the emotions behind those events. The liquid courage rushing through my veins telling me to just shut up and go as I listen to Drops of Jupiter, or the feeling of being utterly and completely whole as the sun shines down on my skin, making me feel connected with the Earth in moments of absolute clarity. I dread the stomach-dropping fear that arises in my gut when I hear of tragedies yet I long for the flaming passion paired with indignation when I spot injustice. 

Nothing can match the intensity of feeling miniscule and insignificant as you stand on the top floor of the Empire State Building- as you stare past the sky scrapers and realize just how huge the world is; or of strolling through the city streets where inspiration, motivation and creativity is fueled on a regular basis. Where artistic expression is cultivated and individuality is accepted and even expected. 

So as I lug myself out of bed in the morning, as the birds sing melodies outside reminding me that no person should be up at this ungodly hour and that I should just go back to sleep- I tell myself I’m going to live in a feeling. I choose to bask in the energy that pulses through me as I hear Beyoncé hit ALL the vocals in Love on Top and Partition. That gets me out of bed in the morning when nothing else will. In that moment I say- today I will be Beyoncé, and strut out of bed into the bathroom to start my day. What is your feeling? Are you a Beyoncé? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Do you choose to live in a feeling? 

Thank you my lovely readers, sending good vibes-Anya