Hi my favorite Readers, it is great to be back and blogging after a long hiatus! Since this blog post is my first in almost a month, I’ve decided to get back into the swing of things by doing something fun, today you have an opportunity to learn about me- the good, the bad and the ugly. Let’s get started. image

Firstly, I must thank a lovely writer- Fab Writings, who has inspired me to write with more thought and creativity. If you’re into awesomeness, you should definitely check his blog out.

Without further adieu- let the reveal of my character begin! Here are 7 facts about me.

1. My name is Anya and I was named after a TV character. You see, before I was born my mom passionately wanted to name me Anyanka (I think that’s how you spell it?), which no offense if that is your name, is not something I would like to be called- after the girl on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Bless my dad’s sanity because he was very quick to reject that idea and together they settled on Anya. Yay.

2. I do a slightly unpopular sport that is insanely hard but very rewarding- and that sport is rowing/crew. Not only do I get to have sick tan lines and am capable of being socially acceptable while wearing spandex; I also get to be priety to MANY and I repeat MANY gorgeous, sweaty, muscular torsos. Yum.

3. I’m really into Harry Potter- like most amazing people are. I’ve watched all the Harry Potter movies straight for (23?) hours and it was totally worth the all-nighter. Harry Potter boxers, shirts, socks, and movies. AND I’m a Hufflepuff- What’s your house?

4. I’m from Florida- Life is all good in the land of tourist attractions and routinely scalding weather. There’s nothing more enjoyable than drowning in your own sweat, am I right?

5. I have a tin roof outside my window that covers my back yard and let me tell you- that sound the rain makes in the middle of the night as it hits metal could put me in an involuntary coma. God, it’s magic.

6. I’ve started learning a ton of instruments; guitar, ukulele, and flute- but I’m way too lazy to actually stick with anything. Plus, I’m insanely tone deaf and sound like a dying cat when I sing. However, the shower’s acoustics really improve my terrible voice- at least I think so. Beyoncé in the making right here!

7. I have extremely voluptuous (haha I just wanted to use that word) black curly hair. It’s really large and has a ton of volume- however it’s a love hate relationship. Let’s just say being able to keep various objects stuck in your hair at one time is as annoying as it is fun.

Alrighty! I hope you guys learned a little about me- as unhelpful as those tips were. To anyone who reads this post- consider yourself nominated. I hope all of you lovely readers have a wonderful day.

Sending Good Vibes- Anya